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           I had the privilege to be invited in 2009 by Nicholas Fox Weber, director of the Josef and Nini Albers Foundation.

During this stay I spent a lot of time doing research in the "Vault" where all the Albers's studies were; Paintings, drawings, colour testing from Josef Albers as well as, knelt experiment from Nini is wife. It was a studious experience that led to reviewed my pictorial approach. 
     10 years later I ventured to create 

a collection of “squares.”

More than to reproduce the work of 

Mr Albers I wanted to develop a series not only of colour combinations but also of textures influenced by the weaving work of Nini Albers his wife.
The pieces are created on a very specific oil paper with flexible tools. Through the technique of extremely thin layers, I was able to get transparencies and depths offering a very subtle perspective.


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