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Other designs and projects

LA BELLE ET LA BETE 47 copy_edited.jpg

        When designing I visualise the finished projects even before starting to draw or work with materials.

        (Day dreaming with meditation is the best place for inspiration…)

       Among creating designs and objects, I always develop new textures, finishings, varnishes etc… Playing with mediums is quite interesting and part of my creative motivation. Some of the techniques I put in place allow me to used them for, furniture, designs, wall, ceiling, interior as well as exterior environment.

For many years in New York, I worked as well as a textile designer for various and well-known fashion company. Over these years I develop and created close to 2500 designs. This experience was rich in knowledge and visual development. In 2015 Ligne Roset and Harrods did approach me to “relook” the well-know sofa the “Togo”, for the London design festival week. Rather than having a new fabric printed I decided to paint, with ink fabric, the sofa. I was able to combine my experience as a painter and textile designer.

Collaboration is quite important. Amongst other projects over the years I recently did work with Gwendoline Porte on her design, “The Rail.”

The concept was fascinating and rich in experience. My role was to create on her beautiful design an imaginary world. I chose the most mysterious: the sky. This piece was given to the wonderful charity, LP4Y in London.

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