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      Cork oak is one of the few sustainable trees. It’s a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.
The first harvest is done when the tree reach 25 years of age.

A new harvest could be executed every nine years and so on until the tree reaches an average of 200 years old.
The cork board I am working with are additive and chemical free.
The black cork board are agglomerated into blocks with vapour.
Injected steam through the granules expands and agglutinated the natural resin with the cork itself. It has a slight smell which goes away quite quickly.
The natural colour board process is quite similar.
The material itself is extremely strong, resilient and lasting.
Any models of the “Mini-Wave” could be made for your interior or your outdoor space; Living-room, bedroom, garden, terraces, among swimming pool, private as well as public spaces.
The choice of indoor or outdoor piece need to be specified when placing the orders. The treatment and the choice of cork board will not be the same.
For the painted model I use natural dyes only, water base paint finished with a satin or matte varnish. The raw black cork in his natural colour version is protected with a natural oil. Cork doesn’t require much maintenance.

The standard “Mini Wave” series is made to order: eight weeks lead-time to delivery when the order is placed.
Choose your products and finishing; colours, indoor, outdoor etc…
Following is the list of the standard size.


  • Mini-Wave Benches: 125x4x30cm, 50x15.3/4x12 inch up to 185x41x35cm, 73x15.1/3x14 inch

  • Mini-Wave Stool: 41x34x34cm, 16x13.1/4x13.1/4 inch

  • Mini-Wave Table: 40x33x33 cm, 15.3/4x13x13 inch

More details.

About cork:

  •     Cork is a 100% natural product, ecological and recyclable.

  • Impermeable.   

  • Even so it looks tasty it is NOT made to eat!!! (Try chocolate instead… I have, it works…Who knows, one day I will make a design out of cocoa beans…)   

  • Like any other pieces of furniture, hitting with a blunt object won’t do well…     

I would be very happy to study any private or public projects you may have in mind and work on bespoke size items.
I look forward to reading your comments and take your orders.


Any requirements, such as different material and sizes please contact me.

All the designs are protected and copyright. No visual, physical reproduction of any kind allowed whit-out a writing agreement from the owner Marc-Antoine Goulard, MAGSTUDIOLTD. Any commercial use without the consent of the owner is not permitted.

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