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Marc-Antoine Goulard        

             is one of the most talented and dedicated painters of his generation.

One cannot help thinking of Nicolas de Stael because of the consuming intensity, but he is not an imitator; rather, Goulard is someone who is perpetually searching, in an independent and original way, to make what is unprecedented, beautiful, and, thanks to his highly discriminating eye, totally right according to a vision that is his alone.

            Goulard invites us into a marvelous territory between representation and abstraction, the beauty of landscape and seascape and skies transformed into a universe he has invented. There are paintings where at times one imagines that one is seeing a known subject, but then it evaporates and one is in the realm of pure art, while with other images one begins with complete abstraction and then finds one’s way to nature. Either way, the painting itself is the issue, while one feels the reverence for the earth and its atmosphere: all in a new, marvelous, absorbing realm that Goulard has given us. 

            Marc-Antoine has presented viewers with such gifts because of his utmost dedication to the act of painting, his extreme technical capability combined with an endlessly searching vision. Having pushed himself tirelessly and purposefully, he has created richly textured, inviting worlds of their own: calming yet stimulatingly, engaging us with a sense of splendor.

Nicholas Fox Weber.

(Director of the Josef Albers foundation)

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