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         The “Mini-Wave” line is a result of a long work process combined with a childhood memory; a desire of creating and producing a design in the respect of the environment. I’ve always been inspired by nature and particularly the perpetual movement of sea.

      Everything started as a child gazing at the waves in the Atlantic Ocean. I was hypnotized with the constant surf and swell of the sea. I couldn’t get my eyes off this magnificent spectacle. Getting tipsy from it, I was then able to let my imagination and body float in levitation. To capture physically these moments into an object that reflects a feeling, has been challenging. After many drawings and models, I could not get close enough to the sensation I experienced. The inspiration was there, a single line came along with a piece of charcoal on my drawing pad. From that point, I was able to superimpose another curve to create the design.

       In my “MiniWave” series, the stool, the benches and the table are handmade at my studio. As the wave in the ocean, each model has different curves, They are all unique, numbered and signed. 

      Beside been visually appealing the softness of the material gives a very smooth feeling when touching and sitting on it. Each line is reflecting the swell of the ocean. Your senses perceive the energy of the water when passing the fingers in each and unique groove. It is a spontaneous step anyone has when sitting. The calming and soothing movement makes you feel the “Mini-Wave”: Getting to know the piece. It is not only a unique piece of art, a design, a stool or a bench, it is a new experience every time you are repeating the movement in constant in slow motion.
The modern and one of a kind design, fits in any indoor or outdoor place. Having one or more in your interior will create a convivial ambience.

The “Mini-Wave” benches and stools are made of 120 mm thick cork board bounded with water base glue. The tables are assembly with a 60mm board.

  • Mini-Wave Benches: 125 X 41 X 30 mm, 50 X 15.3/4 X 12 inch up to 185 X 41 X 35 mm, 73 X 15.1/3 X 14 inch

  • Mini-Wave Stool: 41 X 34 X 34 cm, 16 X 13.1/4 X 13.1/4 inch

  • Mini-Wave Table: 40 X 33 X 33 cm, 15.3/4 X 13 X 13 inch

More details.

      As a visual artist I always have been concern about origin and sustainability of materials. In a time when we are concerned about our planet, I just couldn’t produce another synthetic piece using chemicals. The idea of having one day my designs floating on the ocean, at the bottom of the sea or by the beach was just impossible. Cork has been the solution for my new designs. Doing a lot of research and testing I discovered how much I could do and create with the product. Cork oak tree store carbon in order to regenerate their bark and reduced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is one of the most sustainable and ecological material available at the moment.
Going further with the idea, I have done some research and test to discover how much I could do and create with the “green” product. 

When worked properly, the flexibility of cork, is quite inspiring.

Any requirements, such as different material and sizes please contact me.

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